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Benefits of Wearing Different Gemstones

The wearing of gemstones can help us center and direct our energies toward how we want to feel and what we want to accomplish on a certain day or in our lives in general.  This is because stones are parts of the earth itself, and since our physical bodies are comprised of earth elements, we can enhance the functions of our bodies, moods, and actions by choosing gemstones that emphasize the particular functions of different parts of our bodies that correspond to the types of activities that we want to enhance.  Here are some examples of gemstones and the benefits that we can derive by wearing them:

AGATE FAMILY - The wearing of agates can help you strengthen your bond with the physical plane and can foster an appreciation of nature.   There are many types and colors of agate, each of which can help you focus on a different aspect of your being, according to its color and properties:

BLACK AGATE - This agate is not pure black; rather, it has brown and brownish-orange bands running through it.   It can foster a great sense of protection and engender courage in facing life's crises. 

BLUE LACE AGATE - Can make you feel more peaceful, can help you keep calm during stressful situations.  

BOTSWANA AGATE - Can instill a greater feeling of optimism and hope and increase your awareness of how to help other people with their needs. 

CRAZY LACE AGATE - Can help you multi-task and set priorities by seeing the overall picture and maintaining a joyful attitude in the process. 

FIRE AGATE - The orangish, brownish, and reddish highlights of this agate can help you increase your creativity and apply it in practical ways, aided by an understanding of how you can combine different types of energy (fire, air, earth, and water) to bring your desires into material expression.  Fire Agate is sometimes called "the Astrologer's Stone." 

FOSSIL AGATE - Can give you an appreciation of the timelessness and continuity of earth life.

GOLDEN LACE AGATE - The varigated, swirling golden browns of this stone can help you feel more grounded and practical and increase your understanding of how different life forms can co-mingle and work together to achieve practical results. 

GREEN AGATE - The vibrant greens of this agate can help you spring into action to re-create the beauty, serenity, and harmony of nature.

MOSS AGATE - Can help you reconnect to Mother Earth and experience the serenity that results from realizing that all life -- human, animal, vegetable, and mineral -- is rooted in the same Oneness.

AMAZONITE - Wearing this stone can enable better communication, helping you to speak your truth and to speak it in a loving way, thus enhancing your sense of honor and integrity.

AMBER - A fossilized plant resin that sometimes even contains insect fossils, amber combines elements of the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms as a reminder of the Divine connection between all life forms.  Its honey, gold, and brown hues can help to increase your physical energy and strengthen your connection to the physical plane.  By wearing amber you can draw upon the natural wisdom of the ages and become more patient in dealing with short-term problems.   Amber also helps you to be assertive when you need to be assertive and receptive when you need to receive.

AMETHYST - This stone can help guard you against pettiness and overindulgences.  It can also help you quiet your mind, elevate your awareness of your true spiritual purpose, imbue that purpose with love, and have the will to fulfill that purpose.   Amethyst is said to have the power of saving us from becoming too immersed in life's dramas and transforming our personal desires into Divine intent.

AVENTURINE, GREEN - Aventurine comes in green, peach, brownish red, and blue.   Green Aventurine can help you to forgive others who have hurt you and to be more open to receiving all the gifts that the Universe is offering you.   This stone is therefore said to aid in increasing abundance by helping you to be flexible enough to accept love, money, and material rewards from all sources, without pre-judging where they will, or should, come from.

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CARNELIAN - Probably the most well-known member of the Agate/Chalcedony family, this stone can benefit your creativity and help you transmute any jealous or selfish desires that are blocking you from realizing your full potential.  Sometimes referred to as "the Artist's Stone," Carnelian can give you the physical energy necessary for designing and creating truly unique works of art.  Dance performers can also benefit from wearing Carnelian.

CELESTITE – Can help you ascend to higher levels of consciousness, be aware of unseen worlds, and communicate with the angels.  Can aid in eliminating fear and worry.

CHAROITE – Can help you overcome negative emotions and develop clairvoyance for helping others.

CHRYSOCOLLA – Can aid in overcoming grief and sorrow, bringing emotional stability.  Can instill a sense of universal love and the ability to speak quietly, but wisely.

CHRYSOPRASE – Can help mend a broken heart, eliminate negative thoughts, and lift depression.  Can enhance your ability to nurture plants, animals, and small children.

CITRINE – Can help you increase your self-confidence, maintain a positive attitude, and achieve control over your emotions.  Can also help you attract abundance and all good things in your life.

CORAL – Although not technically a gemstone, Coral can help you build a stronger emotional foundation, relieve stress, and guard against accidents.  Coral has been said to help heal fevers, colds, and skeletal problems.

DUMORTIERITE – Can help you to be more organized, self-disciplined, and realistic.

FLOURITE, GOLDEN – Can help you release negative thoughts, resulting in greater mental clarity and optimism.

FLOURITE, PURPLE/VIOLET/LAVENDER – Can help you heighten your spirituality, increase your intuition, and realize the Divine order in your life.

FLOURITE, GREEN AND BLUE – Is said to assist with the healing of the physical body as well as being a healing agent to others.  Can also enhance your spiritual growth and access to higher levels of consciousness.

GARNET, RED (often very dark red, almost black)– Can help in removing fear and encouraging boldness, thereby helping you to manifest your dreams.  Garnet has been said to help heal diseases of the blood.

GARNET, HESSONITE – This golden to reddish-brown stone can help you release old ideas that have been blocking your progress and enhance your creativity.

GARNET, RHODOLITE – Vibrant purplish-red, this stone can help you meditate and increase your intuition.

GARNET, SPESSARTITE – Ranging from reddish-brown to bright orange, spessartite can increase your self-confidence, strengthen your determination, and be more joyful and content.

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HEMATITE – Can help in the releasing of negativity to increase optimism, willpower, and personal magnetism.  Can induce calmness and improve the ability to sleep.

JADE – Highly esteemed in Asian traditions, Jade is said to increase material abundance and to facilitate wise decisions in handling money.  It is also said to promote emotional calmness, fertility, longevity, and a broader perspective on life.  The stone can act as a bridge to other dimensions and help you release the past as you experience new beginnings in your life.

JASPERS – Can help you find respite from emotional chaos and be more organized to complete your projects.

JASPER, AUTUMN – With subtle shades of olive green and burnt orange, this stone can gently increase your physical energy level and help you release negative thoughts that can get in the way of your creativity. 

JASPER, BRECCIATED (also called “Poppy Jasper”) – Can help relieve stress, promote relaxation, and enhance your organizational abilities.  Can also promote a more optimistic outlook, bringing more happiness into your life.  This stone is said to promote greater attunement to animals. 

JASPER, DALMATION – Its appearance resembling the coat of a dalmation dog, this stone can help you be more patient and realistic.  It is said to increase marital loyalty. 

JASPER, FANCY – Blending tones of green, mauve, lilac, and cream, this stone can help you relax and become more peaceful.  Inspiring a deeper connection to nature, fancy jasper can help us feel more comfortable and nurtured on the physical plane. 

JASPER, LEOPARDSKIN – With leopard like markings on a dark brown background, this stone is said to help us more easily assume our responsibilities and offer protection while we travel. 

JASPER, OCEAN – Containing circular shapes of pink, green, and white tones, this stone can help you to be more centered in your heart and to maintain a greater flexibility.  Ocean jasper is said to promote rhythmic breathing. 

JASPER, RED – The deep, solid red color of this stone can help you focus on your survival needs and give you a greater sense of self-determination.  Red jasper is said to aid us in being rescued from danger. 

JASPER, PICTURE – Variegated patterns of brown, tan, beige, cream, and sometimes red and green, remind us of how Mother Nature blends diverse forms into a perfect whole.  Can help you feel more connected to nature and the healing that it offers. 

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KYANITE – Can aid you in removing fears, discerning the truth, and speaking from the heart to resolve conflicts.

LABRADORITE – Can help you perceive more clearly, expand your consciousness, and gain insights about your destiny.

LAPIS LAZULI – Traditionally the stone of royalty, Lapis Lazuli can help you see things in a broader perspective, gain spiritual wisdom, and communicate this wisdom to those who seek your help.

LARIMAR – Can help in the relieving of depression, the restoration of calmness, and the gaining of higher wisdom.

MALACHITE – Can help you to become more loving in a universal sense and to realize the commonality between all members of the Human Family.  This stone is also said to increase physical health and to attract abundance.

MOONSTONE – Can help to enhance your nurturing abilities and to increase your receptivity to new people, places, and situations.  Moonstone is said to promote good fortune while traveling and greater joy and peace in the home.

OBSIDIAN, BLACK – Can help protect you against excessive sensitivity and negative feelings.

OBSIDIAN, RAINBOW – The translucent, mirror-type appearance of this stone can help you remember your childhood innocence, release outworn beliefs, and joyfully embrace the present.

OBSIDIAN, MAHOGANY – Can stimulate your psychological and spiritual growth by helping you to release the parts of your personality that have been blocking you from achieving your goals.

OBSIDIAN, SNOWFLAKE – Can help you to purify your life by releasing old thoughts and patterns that no longer support you and replacing them with higher knowledge and love.  Can also help balance the left and right sides of the brain and creating better physical balance.

ONYX, BLACK – Can help you ground your energies and think more rationally, enabling greater mental focus and wiser decision-making.  Black onyx is said to protect us from the negativity of others, to promote more self-reliance, and to alleviate feelings of loneliness.

OPAL – Can help you confront your anger, jealousy, and other negative feelings and release them in order to achieve greater harmony in your life and radiate light to others.

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PEARL – Although not technically a gemstone, the pearl can help imbue your personality with greater integrity, refinement, and grace.  The pearl’s lesson is that an irritant can produce an object of great beauty and perfection.

PERIDOT – Can help you to assess your relationships more honestly and release any negative emotions so that you can be more compassionate.  This stone is also said to promote happiness and to create prosperity.

PYRITE (“Fool’s Gold”) – Can aid you in manifesting greater material abundance and balancing diverse energies in your life.

QUARTZ - Can help to enhance your awareness of unseen realms.  Quartz crystal can receive, amplify, and transmute energies, resulting in healing and greater harmony.

ROSE QUARTZ – Can help heal emotional wounds and promote greater self-love, thereby increasing your capacity for unconditional love and compassion for others.  Rose Quartz can help you forgive others and experience inner peace. 

SMOKY QUARTZ – Can help to transform anger and willfulness into productive energies and release fears so that you can operate from a more stable foundation and achieve your goals. 

RIVERSTONE – Can help you go with the flow and be released from worry and fear.

RHODONITE – Can help you recognize and release outworn patterns, and can instill greater stability and contentment in your life, once these patterns have been released.  Rhodonite is said to enhance healing methods that employ sound, tones, or chanting.

RUBY – Can help you see your true purpose more clearly and be able to act on it.  This stone is also said to aid us in being able to take care of our own needs so that we can be better able to both give and receive love.

SARDONYX – This red- to red-orange and white-banded stone is said to promote happiness, friendship, and marriage and to protect the young when they take risks.

SAPPHIRE – Can help make you more organized by quieting your mind so that you can listen to your intuition.

SODALITE – Can help you let go of control and accept both human and spiritual support.  Can also help release communication blockages, promote emotional serenity, and enable the receiving of higher wisdom.

SUGILITE – Can help those who sincerely wish to further the Divine Plan on Earth by attuning their energies so that they can better communicate with their Higher Selves and the Divine realm.

SUNSTONE – Can help you with creative and leadership energy.  Is said to transmute fear into self-confidence.

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TIGER’S EYE (GOLDEN/BROWN) – Can enhance your self-confidence, clarify your insights, and give you the energy to share these insights with the world.

TIGER’S EYE (RED) – Can strengthen self-confidence and connect the rational mind with the intuitive mind.  Red Tiger’s Eye is said to be an excellent stone for public speakers who need to be receptive to their audiences so that they can facilitate group discussions.

TOPAZ, BLUE – Can help you reflect on ideas, then communicate them eloquently for the purpose of stimulating philosophical discussions that will provide new insights.  Blue Topaz is also an excellent stone for writers.

TOPAZ, GOLDEN – Can instill greater self-confidence and integrity for the purpose of radiating light and optimism to others.  This stone is said to aid in creating abundance.

TOPAZ, PINK – Enhances the ability to love and care for others unconditionally.

TOURMALINE, BLACK – Can help you become more practical and creative in achieving your goals.  This stone is also said to help protect against negativity, including electromagnetic energy from computers and cell phones.

TOURMALINE, GREEN – Can help dispel worries and open the heart to the joys of giving and receiving.

TOURMALINE, PINK – Can help you release outworn patterns that have been blocking you from receiving love.  Can facilitate joy and uninhibited expression of feelings.

TOURMALINE, WATERMELON (both pink and green) – Opens the heart to give and receive love on all levels.

TURQUOISE – Can help you communicate wisdom and truth with compassion.  Shamans have used Turquoise in their spiritual healing work.

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