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Jewelry Gemstones

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Benefits of Wearing Different Gemstones

The wearing of gemstones can help us center and direct our energies toward how we want to feel and what we want to accomplish on a certain day or in our lives in general.  This is because stones are parts of the earth itself, and since our physical bodies are comprised of earth elements, we can enhance the functions of our bodies, moods, and actions by choosing gemstones that emphasize the particular functions of different parts of our bodies that correspond to the types of activities that we want to enhance.  Here are some examples of gemstones and the benefits that we can derive by wearing them:

AGATE FAMILY - The wearing of agates can help you strengthen your bond with the physical plane and can foster an appreciation of nature.   There are many types and colors of agate, each of which can help you focus on a different aspect of your being, according to its color and properties:

BLACK AGATE - This agate is not pure black; rather, it has brown and brownish-orange bands running through it.   It can foster a great sense of protection and engender courage in facing life's crises. 

BLUE LACE AGATE - Can make you feel more peaceful, can help you keep calm during stressful situations.  

BOTSWANA AGATE - Can instill a greater feeling of optimism and hope and increase your awareness of how to help other people with their needs. 

CRAZY LACE AGATE - Can help you multi-task and set priorities by seeing the overall picture and maintaining a joyful attitude in the process. 

FIRE AGATE - The orangish, brownish, and reddish highlights of this agate can help you increase your creativity and apply it in practical ways, aided by an understanding of how you can combine different types of energy (fire, air, earth, and water) to bring your desires into material expression.  Fire Agate is sometimes called "the Astrologer's Stone." 

FOSSIL AGATE - Can give you an appreciation of the timelessness and continuity of earth life.

GOLDEN LACE AGATE - The varigated, swirling golden browns of this stone can help you feel more grounded and practical and increase your understanding of how different life forms can co-mingle and work together to achieve practical results. 

GREEN AGATE - The vibrant greens of this agate can help you spring into action to re-create the beauty, serenity, and harmony of nature.

MOSS AGATE - Can help you reconnect to Mother Earth and experience the serenity that results from realizing that all life -- human, animal, vegetable, and mineral -- is rooted in the same Oneness.

AMAZONITE - Wearing this stone can enable better communication, helping you to speak your truth and to speak it in a loving way, thus enhancing your sense of honor and integrity.

AMBER - A fossilized plant resin that sometimes even contains insect fossils, amber combines elements of the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms as a reminder of the Divine connection between all life forms.  Its honey, gold, and brown hues can help to increase your physical energy and strengthen your connection to the physical plane.  By wearing amber we can draw upon the natural wisdom of the ages and become more patient in dealing with short-term problems.

AMETHYST - This stone can help guard you against pettiness and overindulgences.  It can also help you quiet your mind, elevate your awareness of your true spiritual purpose, imbue that purpose with love, and have the will to fulfill that purpose.  Amethyst is said to have the power of saving us from becoming too immersed in life's dramas and transforming our personal desires into Divine intent.

CARNELIAN - Probably the most well-known member of the Agate/Chalcedony family, this stone can benefit your creativity and help you transmute any jealous or selfish desires that are blocking you from realizing your full potential.  Sometimes referred to as "the Artist's Stone," Carnelian can give you the physical energy necessary for designing and creating truly unique works of art.  Dance performers can also benefit from wearing carnelian.